The Solution

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Solving the medical, pharmaceutical, and cannabis waste disposal problems

The technology

The Safe Dispose system is designed for the on-site or mobile treatment of all types of biohazard and medical waste, including pathological, pharmaceutical, cannabis, and trace chemotherapy. This technology is based on the thermochemical decomposition of organic material at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen (or any halogen). It involves the simultaneous change of chemical composition and physical phase and is irreversible. The Safe Dispose technology will process waste within 3 hours. During the process, the system will use an average of 6kw/hr in electricity. By using a proprietary Pyrolysis-Plasma ARC process the system produces sterile ash with a reduction in waste size by up to 98%. The system does not produce dioxins, hazardous gases or odors. It is a simple system to operate, and no additional treatment of the waste is required. Infectious waste streams can be treated immediately, rather than stored in the customer's facility while awaiting pickup by the waste hauler.

  • Meets state and federal regulations
  • Mobile indoor operation
  • No water or drain required
  • No shredding or flame
  • No chemicals
  • No ventilation or permitting required
  • Requires no special training
  • Low cost for treatment, maintenance, and operation